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DataAnywhere utilizes a number of means to provide internet backhaul services for our clients. Because of the shear volume of bandwidth that we purchase we are able to offer internet access to other internet providers and independent cable operators for much less than they can purchase it directly from other providers. In addition, we also provide our customers with redundant BGP routed connections. By purchasing connections from DataAnywhere, customers can save thousands of dollars annually and have the piece of mind that there connection is redundant.

Fiber connections in addition to wireless connects are used to provide the backhaul services. We can offer backhaul services from 5Mbps right up to multiple redundant gigabit connections.

There are two ways that we price our Internet Backhaul. The most common us a capped connection. Capped Connections allow the customer to transfer an unlimited amount of data across that connection. No additional charges apply to capped connections.

The 95th Percentile is the second way that we can charge for traffic. Using this method the customer will only pay for the traffic that they actually used during that month. The traffic is analyzed for the entire month. Based on the traffic patterns for the month, the 95th Percentile is calculated. This allows a customer to have a fast connection that can burst traffic up to a preset limit, but only pay for the 95th percentile value. Using this method there a monthly connection fee in addition to 95th percentile charges.

In addition to Internet Backhaul, we also can provide TLS circuits to our customers. The TLS circuits have not traffic charges and are based on the connection speed that you purchase. All TLS circuits are quoted based on the locations of the service. Multiple end points are also possible as well. A popular use for these connections is for inter-office WAN connections.

We can also utilize the TLS circuits for another new service we are offering. We are now offering disaster recovery and offsite backup solutions for our customers. Even if your office is located in another city, we can provide an off-site storage and backup using a TLS.

For more information and custom pricing on these services, please contact Ross Davis.


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Customer Testimonials

Thanks for all your help, assistance, equipment, and advice leading up to election night. I can't say enough about the amazing service we've received from you and your colleagues at

All that you guys do for us is incredibly appreciated. Thanks again.

Todd Pugh
Executive Director
CivicInfo BC

Big White Ski Resort has had services from since it started. With excellent bandwidth, we will be running many applications across this link again this season. I have always been able to reach a customer service representative when needed and always do everything that they can to help set up and maintain an excellent link.

Peter Plimmer
Big White Ski Resort

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